Monday, June 30, 2008

Codegeneration 2008, Cambridge UK

I am back from the Codegeneration 2008 conference in Cambridge UK.
It was an awesome experience in a beautiful environment. I met a lot of interesting people and wrote half a notebook with ideas, topics and experiences that I can use in my daily work.

I will post more of it later on (with photos), but first I need to struggle through all the mails and requests they throw on my desk. (Next time I have to disappear for a few days after the conference, to handle all the stuff I got from the conference).

Start of the blog

I've started this blog because of a request from somebody I met at the Codegeneration 2008 conference in Cambridge, UK.
I will use this Blog mostly to share my experiences and ideas with the Dsl Tools that are packed in the Visual Studio SDK.

I am working on a new framework for a client where I am contracted.
The new framework I am building is based on the Service Factory of the Microsoft P&P team.
I have a tight schedule but when I can I will post (I will certainly use it myself as a reference).

Feel free to comment on anything I post. The comments are moderated to keep it clean and well-organized.